Sturdy K-cups Coffee Storage Carousel

Fits For 35 Keurig Kcups - Easy to Rotate - Made from Stainless Steel

In the morning it’s difficult to get to your coffee counter on time, especially when you are in a hurry. Often the kitchen ends up looking messy and it’s not a pretty sight. That is why the 35 K-cups Coffee Storage Carousel was designed to help you save time and make your kitchen look stylish at the same time.

kcups storagecoffee storage carousel

The 35 K-cups Coffee Storage Carousel is neither big nor bulky and it helps eliminate the problem of having a mess around the kitchen when sifting through everything. It can hold as many cups as you want. One can arrange a whole week’s selection of coffee and tea they would wish to take.

The other beauty about the Coffee Storage Carousel is that it’s able to spin easily on a 360 degree angle. This makes it stylish and classy when making a presentation at the table.

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Product Features

The Coffee Storage Carousel have different features that will help you be more organized. They include:

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One can keep the kitchen stocked with a good assortment of coffee and tea.
The 35 cups means that you may have to refill the Carousel after three to four weeks. Thus saving time.

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And more important is one can fill all the slots without having to push the other cups out. The spacing makes it easier.

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