Remodia Spiral Slicer

Easy to Use and Clean - Comes with 2 Blades

Product Description:

Let’s make the cooking a fun time for you using this very easy to use "Remodia Spiral Slicer"

Healthy lifestyle is becoming a real headache that not all of us can survive. Admit it, we are always rushing and usually eating awfully-balanced food. We eat less vegetables and fruits than we should. These days to be fit and happy requires more efforts than we can dedicate.


Is it really so? What if I give you a product that can make tasteful and healthier meals in a minute?

then this vegetable spiral slicer is your answer!

See remodia spiral slicer in action:

Product Overview:

Easy to use

If you are a food lover and a busy person as well, Remodia Spiral Slicer is the best choice for your kitchen, you can prepare for your delicious dishes within seconds without any mess and wounds.
It is so easy to use! even your child can use it safely because its blades are protected from outside compare to other hand choppers.
Just put the vegetable in the center and twist it like you sharpening a pencil. You can use any kind of vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, radish, and cucumber.
Perfect for vegetables with diameter of 20 - 54mm such as zucchinis, cucumber, radish and carrot...!

Cleaning is easy. Just put under running water or dishwasher.

Sharp Japanese Julienne Blades

blade size

The Remodia Vegetable Slicer comes with two blades:
- one for large cuts and
- one for medium cuts.

Choose according to your style and requirement for cooking.

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FREE E-Recipes and Brush

We offer free cleaning brush and free Ebook recipe so you can start using the product.

Free recipe ebookFree cleaning brush

Here's what you can do with Spiral Slicer

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